Copeland Spirits





Our Brand

Copeland Gin is a unique handcrafted infusion of locally sourced fruits combined with our own premium gin. The botanicals in our base gin have been carefully selected to complement the local fruit botanicals which we source from the fields of County Down.  The result is a natural ‘ginfusion’ which not only tastes great but has the added benefit of supporting local farmers and producers. 

Handcrafted in small batches in Saintfield, County Down, Copeland Gin encompasses the quality you’d expect from an artisan product with flavour combinations that surprise and excite.  








Our Founder

Copland Spirits was founded by Gareth Irvine in the Summer of 2015.  Starting with an idea for a university project, Gareth successfully raised £30,000 through online crowdfunding in the Summer of 2016, securing funds from over 390 Founders who pledged between £50 and £500 in return for bottles of gin and other rewards.  These Founders were instrumental in allowing Gareth to bring Copeland Gin to market, taking a chance on the new products based solely on the brand values and brand story. 


We couldn’t have launched without our Founders and for that we are truly grateful!





Our Customer Promise

We pride ourselves in developing surprising and innovative drinks which can be drunk on their own, as part of a classic G&T or in aspirational cocktails

We believe that our unique combination of fresh, local ingredients and our artisan quality sets us apart.





Our Gins

Unlike a lot of other fruit infused products, Copeland is a 37.8% proof gin, not a liqueur.  That means that it can be enjoyed, first and foremost, as part of a classic gin and tonic

Raspberry & Mint